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8 Ways to Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date

Finding Ways You Can Celebrate Your Original Wedding Date If Your Wedding Has Been Postponed

Having to postpone your wedding is a heartbreaking decision to say the least. Not only does it mean that you have to wait even longer to marry the love of your life, it also means having to let go of a date that you’ve looked forward to for months and, for some, even years. It is important to acknowledge the feeling of loss and give yourself time to process your feelings if you have had to postpone your wedding, like so many other couples who’s wedding plans were delayed due to the coronavirus. After all change is hard to accept, particularly when it has to do with such a special day that you have been looking forward to for so long. Once you’ve had time to accept the delay in your wedding plans, then you can move forward with planning for your new date.

Despite the change of plans, we believe that you should still have something to look forward to on your original wedding date! Finding ways to celebrate your original date – especially if it holds significant meaning for the two of you – can give you something to look forward to and during times like this, who couldn’t us a reason to celebrate?

  1. Spend Time with Your Wedding Party Virtually Virtual cocktail hours have become a popular way to socialize in today’s era of social distancing. Schedule a time you and your wedding party can celebrate on your original date via Zoom or another video conferencing platform!
  2. Have Your Cake (and eat it too!) Order a small cake in the flavors of your original wedding cake. Who doesn’t love a reason to eat cake? I’ll take any excuse to have a slice of Cake Envy’s Lemon cake with triple berry puree and vanilla meringue icing! This is also a great way you can show support to your team of wedding vendors who may largely be comprised of local small businesses that would absolutely appreciate the love!
  3. Exchange Letters Write letters to each other that you can exchange on your original date. You can reminisce about your past in your letter or tell each other the ways that you have found comfort in one another during this time. It’s a great way to let each other know how you feel and refocus to the most important part of your wedding, the fact that you’ve found the person you want to spend your life with!
  4. Do a Photo Session With Your Photographer Another way to commemorate you original date is to schedule a fun photo session for the two of you with your photographer. This is another great example of a way you can support your wedding vendors and your photographer should be able to maintain social distancing measures by using lenses they can use to get up close shots from a distance.
  5. Plan Your Dream Honeymoon Although you may no longer plan to take a honeymoon right after your wedding, you can still plan where you want to go, where you want to stay, and the things you will do together during your trip! We all need something to look forward to with what seems to be such uncertain times for everyone. Putting off the honeymoon isn’t the worst thing that could happen, it will give you time to save money for your dream trip! Once you feel comfortable traveling again, book the trip the two of you planned together.
  6. Get Dressed Up and Have A Date Night at Home Get out of your WFH routine and get dressed up to have a fun date night with your fiancé! You can plan a picnic in your yard, cook a meal together, or even just Netflix and chill! Whatever you decide to do, it will get you out of your quarantine routine and lift your spirits on your original wedding day.
  7. Have Your First Dance at Home Share the comfort of your first dance at home! It can be private between the two of you or you can live stream it with loved ones! Whatever you decide to do, have fun with it!
  8. Get Married! Of course, you can still get married on your original wedding date! It may just look a bit different than what you originally imagined. Having an at home ceremony where you can celebrate virtually with your guests or having a micro wedding have become popular options for couples wanting to keep their original wedding dates. With either of these options you can always plan a larger reception to celebrate with your friends and family at a later time!

Whatever you decide to do, don’t waste the wedding day that wasn’t! Reflect on the reason why you are having a wedding in the first place and look forward to your life together once you are able to finally have your big day!

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